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Beschreibung CookieMizer

With this compact unit attached onto the sawmill bed you can start producing your own wood cookies in a safe and efficient way. The CookieMizer is a useful attachment which adds value to every short log by turning them into small tabletops, walkway steps, round shelves and many other popular items for decoration.

The CookieMizer Clamping Jig uses two V-shaped log clamps, one sliding and one fixed. The clamps feature sharp teeth to secure round logs while slicing them in an upright position up to 508 mm (20”) in diameter at the base. The minimum log length is 127 mm (5”) with the cutting height between 24-600 mm. For logs that are not perfectly round, the sliding clamp includes extra rotation for better securing irregularly shaped logs. Additional spacers for higher clamps will allow a better grip on some irregular logs.

There are several mounting options available for the most popular sawmill types. You can fit
the CookieMizer onto three different sawmill bed types – the LT15, the LT20/LT40/ LT70 and
the LX100. All installation sets have been designed for a quick and effortless mounting onto the bed. Working on the CookieMizer is safe for the blade and material as it features a blade safety indicator. Before starting the blade, just lower the blade to touch the top of the safety indicator to make sure you’ll avoid any damage.

Designed in the USA and built in Poland, in the European division of Wood-Mizer company.
The CookieMizer is made from premium quality steel, using advanced manufacturing technology to make sure that the product offered to a customer is safe, durable and functional.

The CookieMizer Clamping Jig is delivered on a single pallet and with its dimensions
864 mm x 705 mm x 118 mm at only 72 kg of weight, is really easy to assemble and adjust
on the bed. You can start sawing first wood cookies just a few minutes after receiving the parcel.

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Ausstattung CookieMizer

Technische Daten CookieMizer
Technische Daten
Max. Log Diameter 50 cm
Abmessungen & Gewicht
Lengde 864 mm
Bredde 705 mm
Høyde 118 mm
Weight 72 kg
Katalog anfordern CookieMizer

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